The shirt for men outside or inside the trousers ?


Depending on your desiderata and the desired effect, you will wear the shirt inside or outside the trousers.

The length of this men's garment is an element to help you in your choice.

Men's shirt inside the trousers :

The length of this shirt is long and dedicated to being worn inside the trousers.

Too short, she will come out of the pants in places and will be neglected.

Choose a straight-cut shirt to avoid highlighting any bumpy belly.

It is recommended to wear a jacket.

The wearing of a belt will complete the overall harmony of the ensemble.

The rules of propriety advocate to wear the shirt inside in the business

and during events that require a strict attitude.

Men's shirt the outside of the trousers :

To respect the casual or relaxed code;

This shirt for men is worn outside the trousers and is often short.

Avoid wearing a shirt too long outside because the rendering will not be extraordinary.

There is also a contradiction in wearing a jacket while having the shirt outside the pants.

The ideal length is at the hips.

XXL shirt holders will prefer the shirt outside the pants in order to preserve the comfort.