How to Choose a Men's Shirt :

Among men's clothing, the shirt dominates sales in the category "men's fashion accessories".

The materials used to make men's shirts are:

- Cotton : Of vegetable origin, this material is resistant and soft to the touch (cotton shirt).

- Wool : Used for thick winters shirts (woolen shirt).

- Linen : This light material is suitable for warm seasons (linen shirt).

- Silk : Noble material that brings unmatched comfort. Often used by luxury shirts and brand shirts (silk shirt).

- Synthetic: This artificial material in polyester, acrylic, elastomer and polyamide is also mixed with cotton called polycotton (synthetic shirt).

Oxford, twill, poplin, denim, wire, zephir, pinpoint and chevron are the main fabric weave fabrics.

Three types of cut, make up our shirts for men. The fitted cut (extra slim shirt), the adjusted cut (slim shirt) and the straight cut (regular shirt).

Men's shirt collars:

- French Col

- Italian Col

- English Col

- Col American

- Col Officer

- Col Cassé

- Inverted Collar

- Col club

- Col Mao

- Mini Col

- Col Dandy 

Men's wrist cuffs:

- Round cuffs, 1 button, 2 buttons or adjusted.

- Cuffs broken, 1 button, 2 buttons or adjusted.

- Square handles, 1 button, 2 buttons or adjusted.

- Cuff cuffs, round, broken or square.

Ceremonial shirt, city shirt, fashion shirt or fashion shirt; a shirt for every occasion.

Range of sizes:

- S (Small Shirt)

- M (Medium Shirt)

- L (Large Shirt)

- XL (Extra Large Shirt, XL Shirt)

- 2XL (Shirt 2 Extra Large, 2XL shirt)

- 3XL (Shirt 3 Extra Large, 3XL shirt)